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To determine if any health problems you may be having are due to stress.
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1. Check off any of the following symptoms you have experienced in the past 6 months:
Headaches/Tension Low Back Pain Pain Between Shoulder Blades Allergies
FatigueTired Neck Pain Knee Pain Weight Trouble
Pain Anywhere in the body Wrist/Hand Pain Ankle/Foot Pain Shoulder Tension
Digestive Disturbance Elbow Pain Ringing in Ears Numbing in Arms
Insomnia/Sleep Problems Shoulder Pain Nervousness Numbing in Legs
Irritability Hip Pain Dizziness Other:

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2. Does this cause you to be:


Interrupt Sleep

Restricted on Daily Activities

3. Does this affect your work:
Decision Making Poor Attitude Decreased Productivity
Exhausted at End of Day Unable to Work Long Hours
4. Does this affect your life:
Lose Patience with Spouse or Children
Restricted Household Duties
Hinders Ability to Exercise or Participate in Sport
Interferes with Ability to Participate in Hobbies or Other Desired Activities
If you checked any of the above items, your organs are probably not functioning as well as they could, and your energy is probably not flowing as smoothly as it could be.


Because they gently and naturally treat the body to remove the stress and imbalance that cause health problems.

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Stress affects Milwaukee residents in many ways. Is your job performance suffering? Do you rush to and from work with every day seemingly ending in complete fatigue? If you wake up feeling un-rested or can’t sleep due to chronic allergies consider; stress is proven to increase blood pressure, contributes to un-restful sleep, causes fatigue and many serious health problems even leading to depression if not managed.

It could be as simple as frustration over the horrible traffic commuting to work in Milwaukee or a low level irritation of a tennis or softball injury that just won’t completely go away or the nagging irritation of lower back pain brought on my snow shoveling or seasonal Wisconsin yard work.

If your problems are stress related the team at Acupuncture & Holistic Health Associates of Milwaukee will relieve your stress with comparatively un-invasive, drug free acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture helps to relieve pain through the release of endorphins. Acupuncture has been found to increase T-cells aiding in the reduction/elimination of allergy symptoms and chronic fatigue in many patients.