Success Story: Anne’s Experience

Acupuncture therapy - alternative medicine. Portrait of a beautiful woman in acupuncture therapy
Acupuncture therapy – alternative medicine.

“Don’t waste any more time shopping around, this is the best place to get acupuncture treatment. This clinic has an excellent approach and is doing the best job I have ever seen of explaining acupuncture to the uninitiated. If you are new to acupuncture or if you have had lots of experience with it like I have, this is the place to choose. For over 20 years, I have been treated by numerous acupuncturists from the heart of Chinatown in San Francisco to the shores of Lake Union in Seattle. Never have I experienced a spa-like environment like this one. The staff and atmosphere is supportive, relaxing and they do an exceptional job of helping patients accustomed to western medical practices understand how acupuncture works, and most importantly, what to expect. They have developed a careful system to quantify symptoms and clearly measure progress to help us through the process and encourage us to stick with the program. I came in with 163 issues to address, one of the top 5% worst cases they’ve seen and in one month I’m already 22% improved, and living with significantly less pain.”

One of our patients describes our acupuncturists

“SCOTT—–Scott is a man who walks gently on the earth. He brings with him an aura of safety and loving-kindness. When Scott walks into the room there is a feeling of PEACE.  He presents a wisdom that goes beyond Chinese Medicine.  A good listener, a compassionate human being, and an expert acupuncturist and herbalist—-that is Scott.
DAVID—-David is a strong, confident man, who instills in the patient a sense of security.  One feels that everything will be all right when David is doing your treatment.  There is a bit of humor in David—-not overt, very subtle.  Kindness, lightheartedness, strength and an expert acupuncturist—–that is David.
CURRY—-Curry is the lovely, charming, charismatic leader of the clinic. He leads with such humility one does not know his position at first glance.  Curry has a way with people that is humble, fun, light-hearted and loving. He is a very validating human being, causing the patient to feel important in all their concerns.  A magical talent in relating to people—-that is Curry.

Thank you deeply, profoundly, and gratefully for your expert care of me in the lst 6 months through the RELIEF care (THAT WAS A DIFFICULT TIME!)  and CORRECTIVE care. I know I have more healing to come in maintenance.  I thank God for all of you. You have touched my life in hidden and healing ways. I am a passionate proponent of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.



Note: Anna was a woman who came to us with severe gall bladder pain and vertigo. Since beginning care, she no longer experiences either of these symptoms.

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Success Story: Insomnia and Ironman Training

“I met Curry Chaudoir at the 2009 Multi-Sport Expo. At the time, I knew very little about acupuncture or the potential benefits it could provide. However, I was curious, so, I spent some time speaking with him.

For about 15 years, I suffered from episodes of insomnia. About every 3-4 months, I would experience 5-7 nights in a row of little to no sleep. I had sought treatment for my insomnia and was given only the option of prescription medications. I never followed this option for fear of becoming dependent on sleeping aids for life.

Curry explained how acupuncture could help, so, I gave it a shot. The results were simply amazing. After only a few weeks, my sleep patterns became completely regular. I fell asleep easily and remained asleep, uninterrupted, all night. I had more energy and was more productive than ever. It has now been just over a year and I have not had a single episode of insomnia.

I soon learned other benefits of acupuncture. Due to my triathlon training, I often experienced tightness in my legs, especially my left side. During my course of treatment, we adjusted the acupuncture points, which provided relief to overworked muscles.

I must admit that I entered acupuncture treatments with what I would call “healthy skepticism.” While I have been open to the concept of holistic treatments, I had no prior experience with this option, so, I did not know what to expect. Needless to say, I could not be happier.

Acupuncture and Holistic Health Associates did great things for me. I could not be more pleased with them and highly recommend their services.”

-Joel A.

Success Story: Eczema

“When I walked into the office on 11/02/09, I was in pain.  My eczema was so bad that all I wanted to do was scratch and cry.  I wasn’t sleeping well, I was so self-conscious about my face that I didn’t want to leave the house.  Just 3 weeks later, I now feel better than any time I can remember.  I have the energy to do activities.  My skin is healing well.  My great thanks to AHHA.”

Barbara G.

For more information on skin care, see our newsletter here.

Acupuncture Success Story: Sciatica

After being treated for my back, left leg, and my sciatica in my left leg for a month with only little relief from my chiropractor treatments, I decided to visit Curry and try acupuncture treatments at Acupuncture & Holistic Health Associates.

Before my acupuncture treatments, it hurt when I walked and I had to bend forward when I walked!  Now, after a month of treatments, I can walk straight up and without any pain!!  Also, my sciatica in my leg is healed.  Last week, I went back to playing eight holes of golf and sailing on my sailboat!

Thank you Curry and your staff!

-Jerome B.

Look at what one of our patients, Ashley, says:

Ashley B. loves to talk about her “miracle baby,” daughter Maya, born February 1, 2010.

Married in April 2007, Ashley and her husband tried to get pregnant for more than two years. Specialists couldn’t find a problem with either of them and suggested she take fertility drugs and try artificial insemination with her husband’s sperm. “That sounds romantic,” thought Ashley, 32, of Saukville.

Then the couple learned the success rate for insemination is only 15%- the same as trying to conceive on their own. “At $400 a pop twice a month, it wasn’t covered by insurance,” she says. Plus, as a natural health care enthusiast, Ashley didn’t like the invasive nature of the procedure.

While researching natural options, Ashley found Acupuncture & Holistic Health Associates. After an initial two-hour appointment (“They asked me every question you could imagine.”), Ashley enrolled in a treatment plan of four to five months that involved taking two kinds of herbs, a cleanse formula and a toner formula. In her second cycle, Ashley was delighted to learn she was pregnant.

The physiology of it? “The fertility doctor told me I might be producing too much mucous for the sperm to get through,” she says. “The cleansing and toning formulas obviously got rid of that.”

Ashley says she had the utmost confidence in AHHA. “I had a lot of hope and faith,” she says. “They made me feel very secure.”

This excerpt taken from Milwaukee Magazine’s February 2011 edition. To read more, click here.

Success Story: Arthritis, Leg Pain, Bursitis, High Blood Pressure

I have had pain issues for some years. The first I remember is the arthritis in my feet. I’ve had that pain for probably 15 years or so. The doctors showed me the x-rays of the calcium buildup on the bones in my feet and explained there is really nothing to be done except pain and anti-inflammatory medication.

Four years ago, our 13-year-old 65 lb. black lab was unable to use her hind legs. We had to help her outside to potty with a harness that we used to hold up her back end. I took her everywhere with me, including to the office in the morning and home at night, lifting her into and out of my car. One day while lifting her into the car, I heard and felt a pop in my left groin area. It hurt like the dickens, but I felt if I stayed off my feet for a few days that the pain would go away. It didn’t. I walked with a limp, which was starting to affect my left hip and entire left leg.

Two years later, I finally went to my doctor. They did ultrasounds and MRIs and determined I had partially torn some ligament from my pelvic bone. They couldn’t fix it. They sent me to a physical therapist who had me doing some stretching exercises to strengthen the leg muscle, explaining that it would help with the torn tissue. It helped some, but the next two years were becoming unbearable (with pain in the feet and the leg). I walked with a cane if I had to walk a distance (more than a half of block).

I had gotten a new dog and was unable to take it for long walks. Even walking with a cane didn’t help the arthritis on my feet. I was taking 600mn ibuprofen three times per day and 975mn of Ascriptin (arthritis medication) between the ibuprofen. That only made it bearable.

In June this year, my husband and I went on another cruise (we love cruises). We picked our shore excursions by the amount of walking required. I made it quite well, but would have loved to do some of the hiking things we used to do. On the cruise ship, the spa had an acupuncturist. There was a free little seminar about acupuncture and what it could help. I went to listen, but didn’t really believe it.

I July, I had my annual checkup at the doctor. My blood pressure was starting to go up. He gave me 4 months to get it back in line using exercise and diet or he was going to put me on blood pressure medication. Losing weight would also help the pain in my leg and feet (I’m about 70 lbs. over a comfortable weight).

Then in August, I went to State Fair with my friends, hobbling around with my cane. Acupuncture & Holistic Health Associates had a booth there. I took it as a sign from God. I stopped and asked some questions. They said it was possible I could be helped. I went in for my first consultation. Mary was very funny. She was serious about acupuncture, but made me comfortable during this visit. However, I still didn’t believe it would work. It just didn’t make sense to me, but everyone was so friendly and I was desperate.

Now, it’s the end of November. I’ve been going to my sessions and drinking that horrible tea (Mary calls it “dirt”) for about 3 months. The pain in my groin area is gone. The pain in my hip, leg and feet is nearly gone. In fact, most days there is no pain. I take one ibuprofen in the morning and I’m not really sure I need that. Not only that, but I had my November visit with my doctor and my blood pressure is well into the range he wants it. He’s impressed with the results. The “short tropical vacations” (I’m 67 years old) I was having 3-4 times per day have stopped. I used to wake up at 3:00am burning up- GONE. Bursitis in my wrist- GONE. Black Friday shopping was a breeze this year. My grandkids think I’ve gotten younger. I could write a book about all the difference this has made in my life. The only down side is that my husband doesn’t help me as much as he used to. He doesn’t need to vacuum for me, carry laundry or walk the dog without me. I even helped him clean up the trees and bushes around our house this fall after a wind storm. This Thanksgiving, I had to give thanks for Curry, David, Scott and all the girls at the clinic. They have made a real difference in my life. I have my life back!

-Barb O.