Bad Day Blues

3542944126_e4e8b11ffd_oSometimes we know it’s coming, other times we just get hit over the head with the realization that we’re having a bad day. Maybe you forgot to take out the trash and you hear the truck at 5:45 am and you’re still in bed. It could be anything that sets you off.

And have you noticed that once you have one thing go wrong, it seems that the Bad Day Blues have you in its cross-hairs. So if you ask, “Can this get any worse?” be prepared for a positive answer. Why is that?

Usually what we focus on, tends to come about.

While there are many reasons to have a bad day, how you handle your first bad day experience can affect how the rest of the day goes.

The first thing to realize is that having a bad day is usually the result of you being in a bad mood. You’ve heard the term “woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” and while some people feel this gives them permission to be grumpy on their bad days, the opposite is actually true.

The instant you find yourself being grumpy, face it. Say, “I’m acting like a grump.” Own it. Be it. But whatever you do, don’t take it out on anyone else. Your bad day is your own business, you don’t need to share it with others by taking your bad mood out on them.

Whenever possible, remove yourself from the situation that sparked the bad mood that looks like it’s turning into a bad day. If it is at home, then on the way to work look for anything positive and make sure to note it. Just looking for something positive can change the way you see the world. If you’re at work, go out for a walk, or even a quick jog around the building if you can do it in your work clothes. Exercise always charges you up, gets your blood pumping, releases endorphins, and if you let it, you’ll feel much better afterward.

Listen to music that makes you feel happy. If you’ve recently broken up, don’t listen to songs about people breaking up. You’re just adding negative to negative. Listen to music that makes you want to move, to dance. Music has often been used to alter the moods of people, use it to your advantage.

Remember, a bad day once in a while is perfectly normal. Just set the intention before you go to bed that your next day will be ever so much better.

Photo Credit : Today is a bad day from Paul Downey via Flickr

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