Monday, Monday

6787671465_b6497b50b7_zThe moan on Sunday night is, “I can’t believe tomorrow is already Monday!”

The weekend started out really great as soon as you got home from work on Friday afternoon and you had a fabulous time. Until you realized that in a few short hours you will be waking up and heading back in to work. Here are some ideas on how to make you dread Mondays a little less:

Have Some Fun – The Australian company Marmite did a study that found that if you engaged in an activity that you enjoyed, you would dread heading back to work on Monday. Even something as simple as watching television was considered a cure for the Monday blues. So was having sex, shopping, eating chocolate, or planning a holiday. Any of these activities boost your emotions and might help.

Meet With Your Team – A clinical psychologist, Alex Gardner, said that we need to reconnect with our team after time away from work. This includes a short weekend. Have a cup of coffee together before beginning your work week. You may be surprised to find that everyone is more productive throughout the day than people who just charged to their desks and immediately got to business.

Check the Drinking. Using alcohol as a weekend celebration is fine as long as it doesn’t interfere with your ability to reset on Monday. Alcohol is a depressant. One of the things that alcohol interferes with is our serotonin levels, which affect our levels of happiness. Too much drinking can actually put you in a much worse mood come Monday than if you stuck with non-alcoholic beverages over the weekend.

Pet the Dog. Even fifteen minutes spent playing with your dog or cat changes our brain chemistry. As soon as you notice that you’re feeling bummed about the weekend being over, reach for your furry friend. Not only does it boost your serotonin and oxytocin, but it lowers our cortisol levels. You probably know that cortisol is considered to be our stress hormone. Anything that reduces cortisol makes us feel less stressed and we are less likely to pack on weight around our middle. That’s a nice bonus.

Photo Credit : It`s monday! 30/366 from Dennis Skley via Flickr

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