Health secrets of the Ancients-The Emperor’s physician recommends:

Given the usual activity of the digestive system, it is strongly recommended to eat 3+ times per day; however, to ensure that one never eats within the 2 hours before sleep. For example, if one goes to sleep at 11:00pm, it is recommended to eat before 9:00pm, at the latest. Eating after that time can lead to “food stagnation” (a feeling of bloating and slowing of the digestive process caused by incomplete metabolism) the next day. Repeated late meals may lead to long-term digestive problems.

If one has to eat close to bedtime periodically:

    1. Take Natural Vitality’s “Digestive Essentials” 5 minutes before eating that night.


    1. Take Mayway’s “Pill Curing” to clear up the food stagnation symptoms the next day. (also good to take after rich, fat-laden meals)




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