Nutrition and Lifestyle Suggestions: Infertility

To assist us in getting the best results with your acupuncture and Chinese herbs, follow these simple instructions:


  • During this stage, it is especially important to not eat foods that are cold (sushi, uncooked vegetables, salad, tomatoes, watermelon, cucumbers, winter melon. Strawberries, tofu, crabs, bananas, pear, soy milk, kiwi, ice cream, cold beverages) or sour (all citrus) in nature. They create stagnation and cause pain
  • Eat more nuts and seeds in their diet.
  • Avoid overly spicy and pungent foods as they cause excessive bleeding.
  • Decrease processed foods and increase organic foods.
  • Avoid alcohol, coffee, and cigarette smoking.
  • Use “ghee” (clarified butter) instead of normal butter.


  • During menstruation, avoid sports that may expose the body to the cold environment, such as, skiing or cold water sports.
  • Wear clothing that promotes warmth in cold weather, and covers the abdomen and low back.

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