Nutrition and Lifestyle Suggestions: High Cholesterol

To assist us in getting the best results with your acupuncture and Chinese herbs, follow these simple instructions:


  • Increase the daily intake of cholesterol-lowering foods such as apples, bananas, carrots, cold water, fish, dried beans, garlic, grapefruit, olive oil, and fibers such as bran and oat.
  • Consume large quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Decrease foods that will raise cholesterol levels, such as beer, wine, cheese, aged and cured meats, sugar, and greasy or fried foods.  Avoid eating red meat, processed foods fatty foods soda, pastries, pies, doughnuts, candy, etc.
  • Stop drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.
  • Eat small frequent meals throughout the day.
  • Drink tea on a daily basis, especially after meals, to decrease the assumption of fatty foods from the diet.
  • Increase the intake if niacin, which can lower cholesterol levels by up to 18%,


  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol and exposure to tobacco. They increase cholesterol buildup and hardening of arteries.
  • Exercise regularly, it will improve energy levels, normalize metabolic functions, reduce fat, and burn calories.
  • Change dietary and exercise habits, to avoid rebound weight gain.
  • Do not lose weight drastically.

Nothing in this document is intended as a substitute for your doctor’s diagnosis and/or treatment. This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.