Nutrition & lifestyle Suggestions: Low back pain

To assist us in getting the best results with your acupuncture and Chinese herbs, follow these simple instructions:


  • Bend at the knees (instead if bending from the waist or back) when lifting heavy objects.
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises for the back muscles are essential for long term recovery. Strengthening the abdominal muscles is also beneficial to reduce strain on the lower back.
  • Mild exercise such as swimming, yoga, or Tai Chi Chuan on a regular basis is recommended.
  • For those who are overweight, weight loss is strongly recommended to decrease pressure on the joints and relieve pain.
  • Proper balance of work and rest is very important, while sitting, make sure the back is straight and the elbows and knees are bent at a 90 degree angle.  Take a break at least once every hour to alleviate pressure on the vertebrae and disk.
  • Hot baths with Epsom salts helps to relax tense muscles and draw toxins from tissues. Rest and relax in the bath for about 30 minutes, but avoid becoming over-tired from the heat and soaking.


  • If one presents with high fever and a one-side back pain, consider a possible kidney infection. Patients with acute nephritis should be referred to their medical doctor immediately.
  • Patients who have pain radiating to the extremities accompanied by a sudden loss of the bladder or bowel control may have a pinched nerve or spinal injury, and must be referred out to emergency care. This condition, known as Cauda Equina syndrome, can lead to permanent disability and must be evaluated and treated immediately.

Nothing in this document is intended as a substitute for your doctor’s diagnosis and/or treatment. This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.