Steaming Your Vegetables

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Although it is more convenient to have a conventional steamer, it is not necessary. To craft your own apparatus for steaming your veggies, you will need a large pot with a lid and a metal colander that is able to fit inside.

Fill the pot with water until it almost touches the bottom of the colander. Bring water to a boil. Add your veggies and cover with the lid.

Cooking time varies depending on the vegetable. The ideal cooking time is the precise moment that the vegetable is at its peak color (example: when broccoli becomes a very vibrant green).

Vegetable Cooking Time
Artichokes 35-40 minutes
Asparagus 4-6 minutes
Broccoli 5 minutes
Brussels Sprouts 9-11 minutes
Carrots 6-8 minutes
Cauliflower (Florets) 5 minutes
Cauliflower (whole head) 13 minutes
Green Beans 4-5 minutes
Zucchini 6-7 minutes