Caring For Your Skin

Skin problems can be complex, mainly due to the fact that there are 32 layers in which inflammation, fungus and other pathogens can become trapped! There are some useful tips to alleviate skin problems, including avoiding niacin (buy a “niacin-free” B-complex, for example, to avoid the agitation that can trigger skin issues.)

Here are a few other things you can try: (Please note that this is a partial list of our recommendations. For a complete list of our suggestions, please read our newsletter on skin care. Click here to view online)

  • Use treatments that enhance Lung, Liver, and skin function.  This includes Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.
  • Reduce/eliminate the intake of toxic substances such as refined sugar, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, deep-fried foods, processed foods, and preservative laden foods.  These things are filtered out of the blood stream by the Liver, therefore may be distributed to the skin via the Liver.
  • Reduce/eliminate the use of skin products containing chemicals.  Follow this maxim: do not place items on the skin that you would not eat!  Always use effective, non-toxic treatments that don’t have petroleum based ingredients.
  • Filter yoru municipal shower water.  Vaporized chlorine from a showerhead will severely dry and agitate skin.  We carry an easy-to-install water filter.
  • Drink spring water.  Avoid chlorinated municipal water.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

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Acupuncture Success Story: Sciatica

After being treated for my back, left leg, and my sciatica in my left leg for a month with only little relief from my chiropractor treatments, I decided to visit Curry and try acupuncture treatments at Acupuncture & Holistic Health Associates.

Before my acupuncture treatments, it hurt when I walked and I had to bend forward when I walked!  Now, after a month of treatments, I can walk straight up and without any pain!!  Also, my sciatica in my leg is healed.  Last week, I went back to playing eight holes of golf and sailing on my sailboat!

Thank you Curry and your staff!

-Jerome B.

Breakfast Suggesitons:

Do you have trouble keeping breakfast interesting? Do your energy levels fluctuate throughout the day?

You may not be getting enough protein at breakfast! If you eat enough protein in the beginning of the day, your energy levels will remain stable throughout the afternoon!

Try this hot cereal!

You can also try this great recipe:

George’s Power Shake*

Purpose: To be used as a substitute for breakfast or as a snack for days you know you will be eating a late4 dinner. Do not use as a replacement for more than one meal per day. Perfect ratio of protein and carbohydrates.

1.5 Cups   Oat milk, soy milk, almond milk or rice milk

.5 Cups   Orange Juice (or other juice as you prefer) Do not use all juice. It will give you too  much sugar at once.

2TBSP  Protein Powder (Naturade VEG or any powder that gives you about 25 gram protein and no sugars- sometimes distinguished as “carbohydrates.” If you have a problem with soy, choose a soy free type. If you cannot use dairy, choose one that is without whey. Read the label before you purchase it.)

2TBSP  Oat Flakes. Use quick cooking or regular raw flakes.

.5 Banana (if you are detoxing from alcohol or sugars)

Mix in the blender on high for 30 seconds. Enjoy!

*Do not add raw egg because of the danger of salmonella poisoning.

Steaming Your Vegetables

To learn WHY you should steam your veggies, click here to read our newsletter.

Although it is more convenient to have a conventional steamer, it is not necessary. To craft your own apparatus for steaming your veggies, you will need a large pot with a lid and a metal colander that is able to fit inside.

Fill the pot with water until it almost touches the bottom of the colander. Bring water to a boil. Add your veggies and cover with the lid.

Cooking time varies depending on the vegetable. The ideal cooking time is the precise moment that the vegetable is at its peak color (example: when broccoli becomes a very vibrant green).

Vegetable Cooking Time
Artichokes 35-40 minutes
Asparagus 4-6 minutes
Broccoli 5 minutes
Brussels Sprouts 9-11 minutes
Carrots 6-8 minutes
Cauliflower (Florets) 5 minutes
Cauliflower (whole head) 13 minutes
Green Beans 4-5 minutes
Zucchini 6-7 minutes