Curry’s Rockin’ Chai Tea Recipe!

This is a recipe to be modified to suit your taste.

First, buy the following ingredients from the Outpost store (or other health food store):

4 TBSP Green Cardamom Pods, crushed
1 tsp whole cloves
10-15 2″ cinnamon sticks
1 tsp black pepper corns
6 quarter-sized pieces fresh ginger root
4-6 cups milk alternative (almond milk)
2 black tea bags (optional)
Optional: few drops stevia extract as sweetener (stevia can also be bought in a powder form)

Directions: Bring 1 ½ gallons of water to a boil in large pot. Add above herbs. Lower heat to a simmer & simmer for 60 minutes. Strain herbs. If you prefer to add black tea, at this point steep black tea bags for 5-10 minutes (steep: to let tea bags sit in hot water). The final step is to add milk substitute & stevia & serve warm. Refrigerate remainder of tea, for later use (re-heat before drinking again).